the-thought-emporium-imperial said: Are you taking sketch request? I missed the call for them.

I always have sketch requests in my box. I sometimes just empty them out randomly when I’m bored.

iwenttofilmschooldamnit said: DRAW ROBOKAP

sure okay

Tags: sketch doodles

Anonymous said: Topman? if not, Gemini?

Why not both, anon?

nokanoka said: ah.. um, if it's okay i'd like to see coldman, maybe upset about being the hot weather (' `;/|

Someone also asked for Freeze so two doodle requests in one. Sorry it’s not good. :D;

I ended up drawing a lot today.

I ended up drawing a lot today.

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Anyone wanna quickly commission me for dinner? 10 bucks and I’ll draw you something.

Extremely informal one-time commission for an extremely informal situation.

My Paypal’s

Peace out brussel sprouts.

ETA: Shea is a good friend

Anonymous said: ✍ skullman

And with that I am off to bed

Anonymous said: lmao don't do that!!!!

whose your faovirte robot cuz I hope it’s not Halo

Anonymous said: did you just call beck a 'she'?

mighty is my favorite robot second only to metroid. metroid’s a cool guy too he’s pretty rad

Anonymous said: ✍ beck? :D

I love mighty shes a good robot like metroid